Testimonial #5

We have been out to Colorado, Yellowstone twice, and Black Hills on this motor and even in the blistering heat, it has run without ANY issues and the engine ran cooler than the stock motor did.

Testimonial #4

Randy is a human dynamo. Beneath his deceptively calm exterior breathes the soul of a top fuel engine!

Testimonial #3

One Randy’s HyperPacks™ (including a pair of welded and machined OEM heads and related parts) can wake up enough dormant power in your ride to “fold your feet back like a duck.” Give the King of Cubes a call to discuss your plans.

Testimonial #2

Randy is quick to point out that the difference between success and failure in engine building is the careful selection of compatible components to achieve that magic “combination.”

Testimonial #1

A tour through the Hyperformance shop is a real treat. Radical engines in various stages of completion lurking everywhere!