Randy Torgeson

Randy, the owner, a machinist, (aka: King of Cubes) was building V-Twins four decades ago as an apprentice with Doc Dytch and later Shorty Axtell, the legendary pioneers of big bore cylinder technology. Those were valuable years, learning all the critical skill in machining and assembling engines that were destined to break records at drag strips on three continents.

Randy put all his experience in high gear when he opened Hyperformance in 1982, specializing in cylinder head restoration and racing cylinder head modifications. In the 80’s, Torgeson launched his first generation of ductile iron Big Jugs cylinders which are still in operation today on the street and drag strips all over the globe. Now in his 38th and best year in business, Randy and his team strive to offer impeccable service, an attention of detail, and go the extra mile by offering relationship first, then money.

A tour through his shop is a real treat for a motor head, with pistons as big as coffee cans, engines and bikes in progress, test bikes, and a state-of-the-art dyno facility.

Often, of our Performance Packages is all you need to wake up enough dormant power to “fold your feet back like a duck.”

In his spare time, Randy is an attentive grandfather to 3 grandkids, active in addiction recovery and working with others. He strives to read a new book every week and exercises daily.

The King of Cubes invites you to call or stop by and discuss your plans!