Hyperformance is the best place in the Midwest to get your bike serviced. We strive to not only do a complete job and pay attention to special requests, but also to have the ability to do the complete job. From engine flywheel balancing to dyno tuning, always use the best!

Cam Conversion

cam conversion

We now have an economical way to turn your expensive cams from early to late or vice-versa by installing these Torrington bearing races.

  • HMS 309 $163.00 Convert early to late
  • HMS 310 $163.00 Convert late to early

Crankcase Boring


We remove your cylinder studs, bore cases with new center screw, and reinstall cylinder studs.

Precision bore cases for your big bore cylinders

  • HMS  301  $282.00

Timken Conversion


We install a Jims Timken bearing insert into your crankcase.
  • HMS 303J  $325.00 

Cylinder Machining


We install torque plates and precision hone the cylinders to fit your pistons.

  • HMS 304 Torque and Hone cylinders to next oversize and fit pistons  $138.00
  • HMS 305 Torque, Bore and hone cylinders- 3.750” to 3.9375” FL  $176.00
  • HMS 306 Bore and hone cylinders- 883 to 1200XL  $229.00
  • HMS 307 Cylinder decking  $112.00

Cylinder Head Machining


Machine front head for front motor mount (does not include welding if necessary)

  • HMS 305   $207.00

Machine gasket surfaces on cylinder heads:

Heads are mounted on a lathe faceplate and surfaced to restore flat sealing area.

  • HMS 306  $103.00 per set

We can also volume check and set compression for a specific application:

  • HMS 307H  $135.00 per hour

Flywheel Machining


We disassemble and machine flywheels for weight transfer before balancing:

  • HMS 307 Machine flywheels for weight transfer  $306.00
  • HMS 308 Balance flywheels  $295.00
  • HMS 311 Remachine output shaft taper $162.00
  • HMS 312 Assemble, True & Plug Crank Assembly $380.00
  • HMS 313 Disassemble crank assembly $70.00
  • HMS 314 Size rod big end $70.00
  • HMS 315 Rebush & size rod small end $135.00
  • HMS 316 Weld crank assembly $82.00
  • RR1117 Rebuild cases, install crank assembly $426.00